A View of Affect: A Treatise on The Heart and Other Significant Hearts


If there were a window in the chest of each person, what would we see? Through this window thoughts and feelings would be viewed and studied. A View of Affect is a look into this window. The sentiments appear as transient hearts that are explained through text, drawings, and diagrams. Four french folds throughout the book depict the organs life sized in the body and further demonstrate that sentiments are sometimes so palpable they seem to have a physical form.


This handmade book was printed from hand-set Caslon and Van Dijck types. Images were printed from hand-processed photopolymer plates and flexible printing plates. The paper is Somerset text weight and abaca made by the artist. The book is bound in a paper case.

Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.5 in. closed

Edition Size: 25